Spreading the Word

Evelyn Leubner (center) has built a network for dairy industry professionals. Photo: “Country Folks” + “Lancaster Farming”

SUNY Cobleskill sophomore Evelyn Leubner works on two farms – her family’s dairy farm, in Marietta, NY, as well as on SUNY Cobleskill’s farm here in town. After she completes her studies, she says she plans to work in public relations. Her passion for dairy farming will remain in the forefront.

In a “Country Folks” profile, Leubner explains the inspiration behind @nyfarmgirls, the Instagram page she administers with her sisters, Claudia and Jojo, that the trio launched to help modern dairy farmers share their stories and industry happenings on social media. As Leubner tells “Country Folks: “‘No one was really out there telling their story. Because of that, there were a lot of misconceptions about what really goes on. On our page, we go over every single thing we do on our farm so consumers aren’t wondering what’s happening.”

To read the full profile, visit CountryFolks.com. The profile is preceded by a January “Lancaster Farming” article.