“Farm Equipment” Article Lauds SUNY Cobleskill Agricultural Engineering Program, Students, and Graduates

A “Farm Equipment” article this month singles out SUNY Cobleskill, and the College’s Agricultural Engineering Program, for its ability to produce qualified students and graduates who make an immediate professional impact for companies recruiting service technicians. From the article: “‘We were pulling service technicians out of there left and right,’ says Seth Conway, precision product manager. “‘We actually tried to dive a little bit deeper into that and we found ag finance majors, ag equipment technicians, ag science [professionals], diesel techs and ag [engineers]. [We are] trying to find the diamond in the rough. [There is] no cookie cutter person out there, so we set out to build off a foundation that we deemed appropriate.”‘

This is not the first time an industry publication has pointed to the ability of the College to positively influence recruiting efforts. Last fall, SUNY Cobleskill was mentioned in an article about Landscape Contracting & Landscape Development Program students and graduates.