“Sit. Study. Fetch a bachelor’s degree in dog training” — AP shares Canine Training and Management Program

“AP” latest to publicize Canine Training and Management BT. Associated Press: photo (courtesy of “The Washington Post”)

It has been two and a half month since SUNY Cobleskill announced the launch of its newest degree program, the BT in Canine Training and Management, and still news  continues to spread. A recently-released AP article, authored by the “AP’s” Mary Esch and titled “Sit. Study. Fetch a bachelor’s degree in dog training.” is making its way through national news outlets this holiday weekend.

From the article: “‘I do believe this is the first of its kind of this caliber of degree’ at a major university, said Nick Hof, chairman of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Professor Stephen Mackenzie, who has trained military and police dogs for 40 years and authored professional manuals on the subject, said he developed Cobleskill’s Bachelor of Technology degree partly in response to a heightened demand for dogs capable of sniffing out explosives in the aftermath of Sept. 11.

“The security and working dog industry really expanded” following the attacks, Mackenzie said. Law enforcement agencies also need dogs that can ferret out drugs or to assist in search and rescue. And they need skilled people to raise and train those dogs and the handlers they’ll work with.

To read Esch’s article in its entirety, click here.