Another NESTWS Newsletter, Another SUNY Cobleskill Feature

After featuring SUNY Cobleskill’s The Wildlife Society Chapter in its Spring Newsletter, the Northeast Section of the Wildlife Society again gives prominent mention to the College in its Summer 2019 Newsletter. (photo from the Newsletter itself)


SUNY Cobleskill’s student-chapter of The Wildlife Society did not wait long to reappear in the regional organization’s seasonal newsletter. SUNY Cobleskill’s Colby Slezak served as the feature photographer in that issue, released this past winter, as did a profile of the College’s chapter and its achievements.

With the release of the Summer 2019 edition, Slezak, Dr. Roger Masse, and a new group of award winning chapter-members find themselves in the spotlight. SUNY Cobleskill chapter-members have been recognized with accolades at the Northeast Student Conclave, held in Maine in April, as well as the Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, held in Connecticut in April.

From the Newsletter:

“Immediately after attending the Northeast Student Conclave, Colby Slezak and Dr. Roger J. Masse (student chapter advisor) attended the award ceremony of the 75th annual Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference in Groton, CT. At the ceremony, Colby accepted the P. F. English Memorial Award given by the Northeast Section of TWS to the outstanding graduating senior in a wildlife management program. Colby’s academic excellence, dedication to the wildlife profession, and consistent involvement in TWS at local, state, regional, and national levels set him apart from his peers.

Following graduation, Colby will be moving to Rhode Island where he will begin his MSc program at University of Rhode Island during Fall 2019. Dr. Masse was also acknowledged at the award ceremony by being selected for the John Pearce Memorial Award. The Northeast Section of TWS gives this award to acknowledge outstanding professional accomplishment in any aspect of wildlife conservation. Dr. Masse was selected for this award because of his dedication to undergraduate training, including facilitating undergraduate research opportunities and consistent encouragement of student involvement in TWS at all levels.”

To read the entirety of SUNY Cobleskill’s inclusion in the Newsletter, click here: TWS_NE_Newsletter_Summer_2019

The College extends its congratulations to all members of the chapter, and its leadership, for continued excellence and recognition.

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