Alumna Natalie Walsh Fortifies Community One Garden at a Time

Natalie Walsh is set to apply her SUNY Cobleskill Plant Science education on a cross-continental tour of community gardens. “Eartheasy”: photo

SUNY Cobleskill Plant Science Alumna Natalie Walsh is embarking on a trip like no other. The former journalist, turned “Master Gardner” is touring the U.S. and Canada, on an exploration of community gardens, their caretakers, and the role they play in today’s gardening movement.

A recent “Eartheasy” feature, details Walsh’s work — past, present, and future. “‘People are looking for ways to be connected,'” explains Walsh, in the piece, which is titled “15 Ways to Help Your Community Garden Thrive.” “‘It’s community gardening, and I think the community part of it is just as important as the gardening part.'”

Walsh provides readers insights into her pending travels on her website, which can be accessed here. The full feature about Walsh is available on