Canavan’s Carp Catch Makes Local Rounds

Julian Canavan doesn’t shy away from a challenge, even if it means rolling up his sleeves — or discarding them altogether. The Fisheries and Aquaculture student put his education (and muscle) to good use recently, reeling in a massive 38-pound carp at Washington Park Lake in Albany. The catch has made a splash in fishing and outdoor life circles (and, most recently, all the way down in San Antonio) after a photo of Caravan holding the carp ran in the “Times Union” last week.

“‘It was overcast and rainy that day, which to me means ideal fishing conditions,'” Canavan told the newspaper. “‘The fish took seven to eight runs, each of which put me into my backing. It also got me snagged in just about every tree branch and reed grass plant nearby. I had to go into the pond to land the fish… As I went to remove the hook from its mouth, it snapped in half… I got really lucky with this fish.'”

Canavan may call it luck. In being familiar with his education, and judging by the imagery, we are more inclined to call it skill.


Photo: Canavan, courtesy of “Times Union”