Led by President Terenzio, SUNY Cobleskill Takes Part in SUNY SPECTRUM Conference

Above, College President Marion A. Terenzio, with Registrar Christine Johannesen and Chief Diversity Officer Dr. S. Scott Ferguson

Members of the 64-campus wide SUNY community and attendees from 25 states and Puerto Rico came together in Albany July 9-10, for the SUNY SPECTRUM Conference. Guided by a focus on SPECTRUM (Sexual & interpersonal violence Prevention Education, Capacity building, and Training in Response for Underserved sexual and gender Minorities), the two-day event featured a diverse and informative agenda, including training sessions, panels, and dialogue, with academic, law enforcement, and medical professionals.

SUNY Cobleskill’s representation too was diverse, with College President Marion A. Terenzio leading a group of eight, including members of her Cabinet and the College’s professional staff, as well as student leaders. President Terenzio’s participation in an “Executive Track Discussion” provided a forum for four SUNY presidents to share insightful, candid accounts of years in higher education leadership, with an eye on equity and inclusion for all who make up a campus community. Among numerous topics of discussion, President Terenzio discussed the significance of a “the personal is political” concept, as it relates to empowering others on a college campus.

SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson delivered remarks on the significance of growing together, in environments conducive to the success of all students. “SUNY is a place where academic and professional growth occurs, as well as deep personal growth,” said Chancellor Johnson, on the first day of the conference. “The commitment of SUNY Spectrum to create safe environments for our LGBTQI+ community members and students is witnessed here today.”

While campus educators and administrators reaped the benefit of workshop sessions and discussions, so too did attending members of the SUNY Student Assembly, including SUNY Cobleskill Student Government Association (SGA) President Cheyanne Matulewich. David Mullins and Charlie Craig, whose wedding cake became the center of a 2018 matter before the Supreme Court of the United States, served as keynote speakers, after an introduction from State Attorney General Letitcia “Tish” James.

The annual conference drew nearly 800 individuals. Plans are already afoot for next summer’s event.