Celebrating National Intern Day 2019

SUNY Cobleskill’s applied learning requirement ensures students complete internships as part of their undergraduate educations. While these enhance learning, they also serve a multitude of additional benefits, such as instilling core, on-the-job skills that prepare students for career success.

In celebration of National Intern Day, July 25, we are excited to introduce you to some SUNY Cobleskill students making the most of their internships, and maximizing applied learning this summer. As you will see, on campus and off, student-interns are making a difference for themselves and the world around them.

Above: Allison Busch, interning this summer at the Cobleskill Campus Childcare Center


Rachel Blough, Early Childhood Education

Interning with the New York State Agri-Business Child Development Program (ABCD)

For more than 70 years, ABCD has provided childcare services to in-state migrant farmworkers and agricultural workers. In working with children to supply comprehensive development services, ranging from personal health and hygiene to physical education, Rachel Blough’s internship fortifies many essential elements of her education. She is also sharpening her gardening and foreign language skills, as the ABCD Program at which she is interning provides bilingual services. Coupled with her internship, Blough’s Spring 2019 Semester is indicative of her well-rounded educational experience. After delivering a moving speech at SUNY Cobleskill’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service, she teamed up on a prize-winning research project that debuted at SUNY Cobleskill’s 2019 Student Research Showcase.


Seth Browe, Agricultural Business Management

Interning with the Institute for Rural Vitality at SUNY Cobleskill

While Seth Browe says his post-college plans may not be set in stone, his experiences this summer as an Economic Development and Community Advancement intern with the Institute for Rural Vitality leave his options wide open. Browe is assisting on a range of grant proposals, as well as research, planning initiatives, and program development campaigns, each necessitating he take aspects of his agricultural business education and utilize them to benefit the Institute and its numerous ongoing projects. The Institute’s Center for Business Development, Center for Arts and Culture, and Center for Farm and Food Entrepreneurship each support initiatives in which Browe is involved. He is actively engaged in working with the Carriage House Café and General Store, as well as Aunt Karen’s Farm incubator residency site.


Allison Busch, Early Childhood Education

Interning at the Cobleskill Campus Childcare Center

Busch, who graduated in May 2019 with her degree in Early Childhood Education, is using her summer internship to extend her classroom education into practice as a classroom teacher at the Cobleskill Campus Childcare Center. She plans to transition into a master’s degree program in speech therapy, and will be working this year with adults with disabilities. From her current internship and other opportunities for hands-on learning at SUNY Cobleskill, Busch says she has already gained significant experience working with young children, and that her education has prepared her to enter the workforce. Of particular benefit has been her ability to plan lessons – a skill she says she will continue to perfect throughout the duration of her internship.


Jocelyn Soto Garza, Agricultural Business Management

Interning with the National Coffee Association in Guatemala (ANCAFE)

While many students complete internships with area businesses and, in some cases, here at SUNY Cobleskill, others make their way to more exotic locations. Jocelyn Soto Garza is one such intern – though she is certainly not the first SUNY Cobleskill student to intern internationally. Safe to say she is energized by her internship, Soto Garza is gaining hands-on experience in the areas of food management and production, working with a major and lucrative crop. She is touring regional coffee plantations throughout the nation of Guatemala, familiarizing herself both with varietals of coffee beans, as well as the innerworkings of marketing.