John Deere Tech Program in The “Peru Gazette”

SUNY Cobleskill’s John Deere Agricultural Technology Program is given praise in a recent article in The “Peru (NY) Gazette”. The article, which explores the innumerable values of a career in agriculture through a educational lens, singles out SUNY Cobleskill’s John Deere Tech Program for its ability to launch students into successful careers upon completion.

From the article: “… Several SUNY colleges offer programs directly related to the courses being taught at [Northern Adirondack Central School]… ‘SUNY Cobleskill has a great John Deere program where students have jobs as soon as they graduate.”’

The John Deere Tech Program establishes unique educational opportunities for SUNY Cobleskill students, seeking the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success in an emerging (and critically important) sector of agriculture. More information about the program can be accessed here.