Catching up with Alumna Caroline Shafer

Above, Fisheries and Aquaculture Alumna and New York Field Technician for Trout Unlimited Caroline Shafer. photo.

SUNY Cobleskill Fisheries and Aquaculture alumna Caroline Shafer is making a direct impact on environmental conservation. In her position with Trout Unlimited, an organization dedicated to the conservation of of freshwater streams, rivers, and the aquatic species that occupy them, Shafer is collaborating with the Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) on the East Branch Delaware River Trout Habitat Improvement Program.

In a recent self-written post, Shafer describes the influence of her SUNY Cobleskill education, and the specifics an ongoing project. Shafer writes, “I received my bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture from the State University of New York at Cobleskill. This program allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and important field experience. I have found this work to be rewarding because it allows me to make a difference and do my part to help conserve our environment for future generations to enjoy…

This summer I have been working on the East Branch Delaware River Trout Habitat Improvement Project.

This project has many objectives. The ones I have been tasked with involve temperature monitoring, tracking trout movement and assessing road stream crossings. I have helped members of the Trout Unlimited Ashokan-Pepacton Watershed Chapter install distributed temperature sensing equipment (DTS). This equipment monitors changes in the water temperature and can be used to locate groundwater upwelling.

I have also begun to assess potential impacts of road stream crossings in the Batavia Kill watershed using the North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative protocol (NAACC).

To understand the movement of trout through the watershed, radio frequency identification units (RFID) and passive integrated transponders (PIT tags) are being utilized. A lot of my time this summer has gone into the installation and maintenance of the RFID units.”

You can read Shafer’s full post at “”. Check out SUNY Cobleskill Trout Unlimited to stay informed on all ongoing projects.