Dr. Carmen Greenwood Joins ABC News10, Previews Impact of Invasive Species on Insect Populations

SUNY Cobleskill’s Dr. Carmen Greenwood is warning of the potential impact the Asian Giant hornet (or “murder hornet”) could have on native pollinators and other insects found in our region. She joined ABC News10 this week to describe how the hornet’s arrival could influence the ability of farmers to grow and harvest their crops.

From the article: “‘Pollinators are something a lot of people are paying attention to now. This hornet has been something people have been aware of for a long time and really, really, hoping that it didn’t make it here… They’re probably going to eat some pest insects, but the price you’re going to pay for that is going to be really severe.'”

A link to the video and article featuring Dr. Greenwood is available here.