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Meat Processing Microcredentials Offered at SUNY Cobleskill This Summer

SUNY Cobleskill is offering two in-demand, non-credit microcredentials in Meat Processing in May and September 2022. These microcredentials are held in the College’s federally inspected processing facility. Registration is now open and limited space is available. Find more information and registration here.

Beef Processing for Producers: Designed for a beef producer to manage the complexity of regulations and maximize marketing yield from their animals. Participants will have a hand in fabricating finished cuts. This is a three-day course runs May 18 through 20.

Meat Processing and Food Safety: This intensive, basic training program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to attain employment in the meat processing industry. The program delivers specialized training in whole carcass utilization, equipment use, and sanitation within federal compliance. This is a four-week course and runs September 12 through October 7.

SUNY Cobleskill actively collaborates with organizations to deliver industry-demanded education to build our regional economy and match the needs of both students and industry, today and in the future. Badges and microcredentials never expire and are stackable, enabling learners to earn badges and microcredentials as needed for employment advancement and while compiling them over time to earn certificates and college degrees.


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