SUNY Cobleskill Participates in Governor’s Listening Tour on Future of Farming

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has launched a statewide listening tour to hear directly from farmers about their priorities in addressing climate, workforce, and economic challenges. Kicking off the listening tour last week, Governor Hochul visited Bruno Farm in Suffolk County and held a roundtable session with stakeholders, including SUNY Cobleskill’s Stephen Weir, assistant professor in the College’s Business, Food Service, and Agricultural Management department.

The Governor will continue the tours across the State in the coming months, seeking feedback that will help inform the State’s federal priorities for critical funding and policy changes in agriculture, nutrition, and the environment.

Agriculture is a major driver of the New York State economy, and just over a quarter of the State’s land mass, or 7 million acres, is dedicated to farmland. SUNY Cobleskill looks forward to continued work alongside state leaders to support our communities and secure the future of farming in New York.

Learn more about Governor Hochul’s listening tour at

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