The Institute for Rural Vitality at SUNY Cobleskill Among Research Contributors to CADE’s “Vision 2050”

The Institute for Rural Vitality at SUNY Cobleskill is proud to be among the research partners behind the newly released “Vision 2050: A New York State Vision for a Profitable, Regenerative, Equitable, Healthy Food System Future by 2050.” The three-year research project was led by the Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE), a close partner to the Institute for Rural Vitality’s Farm and Food Business Incubator and Accelerator initiatives.

Vision 2050 puts forward an integrated, comprehensive Food System Vision for New York State by 2050 – one that overcomes the challenges, addresses the gaps, faces the threats, and leverages the strengths and opportunities of the status quo, moving us, together, closer to realizing the profitable, regenerative, equitable, and healthy food future.

The research effort engaged a total of 417 stakeholders, including producers, agricultural agencies and associations, fishery experts, funders and investors, supply chain entrepreneurs, buyers, nutritionists, climate experts, equity and racial justice leaders, political leaders, food policy experts, economists, land trust representatives, labor experts, and teenagers aspiring to become future food system leaders and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

Through this stakeholder engagement, Vision 2050 gives a snapshot of New York’s current food system, then uses the data obtained to create a roadmap that the state can follow to achieve the wants and needs of both producers and consumers.

According to the publication, New York stakeholders want to see New York feed itself and for residents to value a local/regional food system. They want farms and supply chain businesses to thrive and adapt to new economic, climate, and market realities, and for our communities to be healthy and consume nutrient-dense food that is produced by and available and accessible to people of all income levels.

The publication also includes case studies on three New York counties, Schoharie, Delaware, and Otsego, describing how the Vision can be implemented locally, and also a series of case studies on strengthening specific agricultural industries, like beef, dried beans, and apples, which also need support.

The Institute for Rural Vitality at SUNY Cobleskill and CADE undertook a partnership in 2021 to launch the Farm and Food Business Accelerator. Through a $741,271 grant from the USDA Agriculture Innovation Center, the program is working directly with growers and producers to address identified needs of farm and food entrepreneurs in the Mohawk Valley, Central New York, and Southern Tier regions. The Accelerator is currently working with its first cohort of entrepreneurs.


About CADE:
The Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to increase the number and diversity of successful farm enterprises and related businesses in upstate New York. CADE seeks to build a vibrant food system in which locally owned agricultural businesses thrive and consumers are nourished by healthy, sustainably produced food. Visit

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