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SUNY Cobleskill Honors 2024 Excellence in Student Leadership Awards Recipients

The College honored 30 standout students this April with its yearly Excellence in Student Leadership Awards. The awards are governed by the Office of the Vice President for Student Development, and winners are selected by an interdepartmental committee of faculty and staff.

“Our student leaders embody the spirit of transformative leadership, enriching our campus with their dedication and vision. Their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and support creates an environment where every individual thrives. Their efforts inspire us all to embrace leadership in our academic pursuits, extracurricular endeavors, and personal relationships, shaping a brighter future for our college community.” said Dr. Anne Hopkins Gross, Vice President for Student Development.



Student Leader of the Year Award

This award recognizes the student who represents the highest level of student leadership. This student makes extraordinary contributions to the College, mentors future leaders, leads a range of campus activities, and demonstrates exceptional service to others and within the community. The breadth and depth of the student’s actions have significant College-wide impact.


2024 Recipient: Annalise Winkleman

Winkleman serves in numerous roles throughout campus,includingStudent Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Senior Resident Assistant, and Treasurer of the Campus Engagement Board. We look forward to hearing about her journey and the impact she will create in all her future endeavors.





Distinguished Student Leadership Award

This award recognizes students with distinguished service or achievement that significantly benefits the student body or the college as a whole. These students exhibit a pattern of exemplary service over their years at SUNY Cobleskill and exceed the normal duties of any positions they may hold. Award categories include Cultural Competence, Community Engagement and Service, Health, Safety and Wellness, Athletics, Peer Education, Programming, Student Governance, and Student Organization involvement.  


2024 Recipient: Kaleigh Weaver

Weaver is a dedicated, hard-working, and community-orientated student. Her leadership roles as Director of Public Relations for Student Government Association (SGA), Campus Engagement Leader, and member of Sigma Alpha Gamma Delta have shown her dedication to SUNY Cobleskill and to fostering an inclusive environment on campus. These roles and experiences have distinguished her as an individual who takes pride in showcasing all that prospective and current students can accomplish at this college.


2024 Recipient: Kevon Barrett

Barrett is heavily involved on campus. He supports the campus community as an Academic Peer Advocate, Peer Educator, and Captain of the Men’s Lacrosse Team. Through this variety of campus leadership, he has made significant impacts on the student body and college as a whole.




Emerging Student Leadership Award

This award recognizes emerging student leaders who assume active and sustained leadership roles in campus organizations or initiatives that enrich student life and the campus community. These students set themselves apart from other students and aspire to be successful in all they do.


2024 Recipient: Charles Foote

Foote lives SUNY Cobleskill’s values and is clearly devoted to being a leader. His leadership roles as Captain of the Men’s Track and Field team, as an Admissions Ambassador, and as a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee have proven his skills in making an impact on his campus community. These are just a few of the many ways in which he is proving that he is an “emerging” leader in the agricultural field.


2024 Recipient: Hannah Case

Case has made a great impact in her time here as a student. She has proven her dedication in the Student Government Association, rising to the position of Secretary, as a Campus Engagement Leader, and as a member of Sigma Alpha Gamma Delta. She is always including others and making them feel valued and appreciated, engaging with students inside or outside the classroom, and is always willing to take on responsibilities to further her leadership opportunities.




Agent of Change Award  

This award recognizes a student who has shown dedication in promoting and facilitating the positive efforts of diversity and inclusion at SUNY Cobleskill. The award recipient demonstrates a passion for improving the community toward a better understanding of how we are all connected while also appreciating and valuing differences.  


2024 Recipient: Lakeisha Wright

A senior, Wright serves the campus as President of the Best Buddies Chapter, a Multicultural Educator, and a Senior Resident Assistant. Lakeisha is an educator who challenges the status quo to ensure a better experience for all members of the campus community.





Perseverance Award 

This award recognizes students who have experienced paramount challenges in pursuit of their academic goals and success at SUNY Cobleskill. Through their presence on campus and relentless efforts, these students embraced the idea of never giving up. Despite adversity, these award recipients demonstrate consistent courage, resilience, and perseverance to not only achieve their own goals but inspire the campus community.


2024 Recipient: Taylor Meacham

Meacham has worked tirelessly in pursuit of her education, but also to engage and inspire her fellow students. She is deeply involved in leadership from athletics to academics; she is Captain of the Women’s Basketball Team, was named Scholar Athlete of the Year, and is involved in the Therapeutic Horsemanship Club. Meacham deserves this award because of the challenges she has “persevered” through in pursuit of her academic goals.




Excellence in Student Leadership Award 

This award recognizes students who demonstrate the positive attributes of student leadership. They meaningfully contribute to the enrichment of student life and the campus community, and maintain sustained involvement in campus life through activities, clubs, organizations, service, athletics, and/or program development. 


2024 Recipients:
Kayla Atherton | Katherine Baronowski | Kevon Barrett | Lorelei Davis | Cristian Gilces | Kylin Hemmings | Charlotte Lezma | YouShan Li | Aydan Low | Ainsley Lyons | Jassie Magno | Andrew McConnelee | Taylor Meacham | Emma Mercilliott | Daniel Moore | Christina Myers | Courtney Palmer | Brendan Scoralick | Paige Varney | Kaleigh Weaver | Annalise Winkleman | Lakeisha Wright | Stevie Grace Wrighter





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