Basic Beekeeping

Earners will gain knowledge about the lives of honey bees and the basic requirements and responsibilities of keeping bees. Learn about the hive and tools involved to keep a healthy hive. Instruction covers the history of bees, bee anatomy, bee biology, hive congruency, natural hive design, apiary site selection, bee health, nectar and pollen flow, seasonal concerns and methods for recognizing the needs of your bees. Other topics will include installing bee packages. and harvesting honey.

basic beekeeping

Who is eligible?
All Learners

Instruction Method
Online or Face to Face

Credit or Non-Credit

Apiary Site Selection
Bee Anatomy
Bee Biology
Bee Health
Harvesting Honey
History Of Bees
Hive Congruency
Hive Design
Nectar And Pollen Flow

Time to Complete

Complete a six-hour course and receive .6 Continuing Education Units.