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The Writers Group meets every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.  
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Meet others on campus with similar interests and write about things that matter to you. The Writers Group functions like a writing workshop, brings in notable speakers, and publishes an online journal, Tigerlily. All majors and all level writers are welcome!

By Calen Hamilton
How about you see the other side. Our side. The side you haven’t been seeing.
By Corey Cherizard
Not long ago, Cade went missing. The Gorgestown folk searched and searched. They searched the hills, they searched the wood, dark as night even in the day, on the far reaches of town.
By Calen Hamilton
The days are long and dry Pointless even, It’s not hard to figure out why
By Calen Hamilton
Philia can be a strong force. Sometimes stronger than the others And I wrote so I can let you see, so I can uncover