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First meeting of the Spring 2023 Semester 
Thursday, February 2  |  7 p.m. to 8 p.m.  
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Meet others on campus with similar interests and write about things that matter to you. The Writers Group functions like a writing workshop, brings in notable speakers, and publishes an online journal, Tigerlily. All majors and all level writers are welcome!

By Brittney Davis

Brittney read this poem at the Student Academic Showcase in May.

My skin was kissed by the sun,

With drops of honey, sprinkled with gold

By Corey Cherizard

Years ago, when I was about thirteen, I was hanging around in my house one summer night when the phone rang. Mom picked it up and answered it. After a moment of chatter, she handed it to me, telling me that my cousin, Felix, was on the phone. We caught up and talked about his first couple of days at summer camp. He said that it was great and he was having a good time.  After speaking for a few minutes, he mentioned that he was looking for a game that he could play with the other campers. “Not truth or dare, spin the bottle, or any of that crap. I’m looking for something scary.”

By Brittney Davis

I cry at 2 o’clock in the morning  

No one can hear my tears falling in the shadows 

I am alone here 

By Calen Hamilton

I’ve fallen into an impossible 

But what is the meaning?

Can I be at peace for once?

I sure hope so because I really like this feeling

By Shelby Fichter

I have always had a fondness for nature, and over the years I have learned the best way for me to truly enjoy my surroundings is to sit down and observe the things on the ground near me, or lay back and marvel at the sky above me. Doing this allows me to focus on specific details of the ecosystems on the ground, and the often vibrant skies of upstate New York.

By Connor Baker

The blue sky dissented against the old blue house.

The blue shutters sounded and swung in the wind.

The blue raindrops fell and collected in the blue gutters.

Then finding their way to a blue petal of a flower,

Before heading to their home in the cold ground.

By Mia Mckinney

“I’m not like other girls.” I’ve heard this before, so many times.  But what’s wrong with being like the other girls? Who are the other girls?  As I think about this, I can’t help but think about the patriarchy that we still live under as a society, and I think we can all testify that there are still sexist and misogynistic views embedded in us all (Yes, even us girls).