“Education is the hope of the world.”

SUNY Cobleskill has never been “just another school.”

Rather, our students are encouraged and inspired, day in and day out, to see themselves as part of a world in need of responsible growth, sustainable co-existence with nature, and carefully managed renewal.

As a result, students here learn by doing, while becoming intimately familiar with the opportunities for imagination and creativity that exist in agriculture, technology, the humanities and beyond.

And when they graduate, SUNY Cobleskill students step into a future for which they have been eminently well prepared. Not just educated, but experienced. Not just versed in theory, but adept in practice.

It is a future alight with possibilities – a future now theirs to design.

Our goal is to sustain a thriving and effective college through:

Fulfilling our Vision – The framework and the message

Honoring our Mission – Removing limitations

Living our Values – From many, one

Achieving Operational Excellence – A healthy, thriving workplace

Strengthening Vibrant Community Partnerships – Ever broader bridges

These are the initiatives that we have formulated, and to which we have committed ourselves and this unique college – the lines on the map that will guide us to our goal.

  • Determining and implementing a contemporary institutional structure for forward-thinking presentation of ourselves to internal and external audiences
  • Developing an institution-wide branding campaign and narrative that reflects the vision, mission and values
  • Maximizing learner access, progression and success
  • Creating greater opportunities for diversity, inclusion, belonging and community – to be “One Coby”
  • Achieving fiscal and operational sustainability
  • Being a great place to work
  • Fostering effective partnerships that will have an impact on economic and human capacity within and beyond our local community
  • Creating global citizens